Being from Albuquerque, I was tired of being crammed into tiny, loud indoor ranges that only go out 35 yards. Outdoor ranges are available, but the city range moves at a slow pace and is closed half the time. And those private club ranges are out of my price range.

Kazadorez is built by shooters for shooters. The awe inspiring scenery of the Mora River Valley makes for the perfect backdrop as you settle in to multiple, well established 100yd+ firing lanes as well as short range tactical shooting environments.

Kazadorez combines the best features of all the ranges I’ve tried before, and Michael is adding new features every day. Whether I’m zeroing in a new firearm by myself or bringing some buddies along for a day of plinking, Kazadorez is my go-to range from here on out.

– Dave from Albuquerque

“I’m all for training and it’s awesome to have KAZADOREZ, LLC, a local outdoor shooting range available to provide law enforcement officers with realistic and functional training.”

“KAZADOREZ, LLC is a safe and professionally managed shooting range, locally owned and operated and used by the Mora County Sheriff’s Department as a shooting and training facility for mandatory firearms qualifying and requalifying officers.” “It makes it easier for us, the Mora County Sheriff’s Department, to utilize this facility instead of having to travel abroad to train and qualify our officers.”

– Americk Padilla, Mora County Undersheriff

JACO Outfitters would like to thank Michael and Melinda Leyba for putting together KAZADOREZ, LLC Shooting Range into the community of Chacon. They have created a great opportunity for all sportsman within the Mora County area. They have allowed the Mora County Sheriff’s Department, 4H Shooting Sports Club, along with other shooting enthusiasts into the shooting range to assist with their shooting skills.

The range is growing into an exceptional place to take family, friends or clientele into a range that accommodates options including archery, muzzle loader, rifle, or pistol. There are several lanes available ranging from 10 to 150 yards.

When needed, I contact Michael via telephone or by text message, and he is quick to set up the range for our shooting group.

I highly recommend KAZADOREZ, LLC to everyone!

The shooting range has turned into an Awesome range!!

John Olivas
JACO Outfitters, LLC